4 Relaxing Wax Melt Scents for Better Sleep


Did you know that smells—both good and bad—can affect your sleep? That’s why we firmly believe that using wax melts to fragrance your home can have more benefits than simply just smelling nice!

Have you ever wondered why lavender helps you feel relaxed? Research suggests that there are certain scents that may be particularly effective for reducing stress and anxiety. We’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to and pulled together the top four calming fragrances for better sleep.


The geranium plant is native to southern Africa. The essential oil, which is taken from the leaves, smells like roses and can help relieve stress.


Bergamot is a type of orange tree that grows in Italy. The essential oil comes from the peel of the orange and can help relieve anxiety.


Varieties of chamomile can be found in Europe, North America, and Argentina. The scent is widely used in products like perfumes and lotions to promote calm and relaxation.


Native to the Mediterranean, lavender is perhaps the most widely researched fragrance. Numerous studies confirm its calming, soothing, and sedative effects.

Our top pick scent to help you drift off to the land of nod has to be our Lavender & Chamomile Snap Bar. This soothing wax melt scent releases the fresh fragrance of summer herbs and lavender flowers warmed by fruity chamomile and a hint of geranium. A truly beautiful soothing scent, with relaxing tones of lavender and chamomile.

Some of our other popular wax melt fragrances that we think would be great to help you relax and achieve a better night’s sleep are:

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